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Private instruction at reasonable rates
Your choice of lessons - 30 min (only $20) or 1 hour (only $30)
Adults and children welcome
Guitar lessons for beginner through advanced students
Focus on the music you want to play
Lessons for electric or acoustic guitar

If You're A Beginning Guitarist - you'll gain a solid foundation that you'll build upon as you progress. You'll play with proper right and left hand technique, whether you're using a pick or playing fingerstyle; master all of the basic chords; add cool tricks to give your playing that extra polish; learn the songs of your favorite bands; and the styles that you're interested in. If you want to, you can even learn to read music, though it's certainly not required.

If You're More Experienced - you can concentrate on a particular style such as country, rock, blues, or fingerstyle (I've played professionally in all those styles); work on developing your own style; study improvisation; or just pick up a load of cool "licks & tricks".